Malibu - my little lady - Little Old Lady Owned: 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu

A green interior may not be for everyone, but this green interior is in superb condition. The seats and door panels are fantastic, with only the carpet showing some discoloration from age. Very well taken care of all of its life, this Chevelle Malibu is an excellent surviving example. Even the dash and steering wheel are wonderful!

Dr. Hibbert introduces a frail Ben Matlock to a crowd of excited seniors at the Grand Opening of the Center for Geriatric Medicine. After seeing his idol mobbed to the ground by fans, Grampa becomes aware of his mortality and gives the family their inheritances early. He leaves the family a box of old silver dollars that they decide to spend at the mall right away. At the mall, Lisa sees the new talking Malibu Stacy doll in a toy store. Throughout the trip home, Grampa constantly tells stories and spouts useless advice, making the family shun him. Back home, Lisa is anxious to hear what the talking Malibu Stacy has to say, but is disappointed with her sexist phrases (such as "Don't ask me, I'm just a girl" and "Thinking too much gives you wrinkles"). Lisa is angry that no one else can see the ridiculousness of the doll. She and Grampa sit at the kitchen table, bemoaning how they are treated because of their age while both of them decide to change, Grampa to get a job, and Lisa to find Malibu Stacy's creator, Stacy Lovell.

For a 2011 with only 50,000 miles I don't feel the transmission should have gone out. My last car was 11 years old and I should have kept that instead of trading in for this lemon. I need my car for work and am now borrowing my moms car til this gets fixed, she is not happy. Was hoping to have this car for my son when he goes away to college next year. The car started jerking at red lights and the engine rpm would go up and down and the car would jerk horrible and then I could only drive 20 mph, had to get it towed.

Malibu - My Little LadyMalibu - My Little LadyMalibu - My Little LadyMalibu - My Little Lady