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Over the years dataflow has been one of those necessary evils in an architecture. Now though there are a number of active and rapidly evolving movements making dataflow a lot more interesting and a lot more vital to the success of a given enterprise. These include things like; Service Oriented Architecture [soa] , the rise of the API [api] [api2] , Internet of Things [iot] , and Big Data [bigdata] . In addition, the level of rigor necessary for compliance, privacy, and security is constantly on the rise. Even still with all of these new concepts coming about, the patterns and needs of dataflow are still largely the same. The primary differences then are the scope of complexity, the rate of change necessary to adapt, and that at scale the edge case becomes common occurrence. NiFi is built to help tackle these modern dataflow challenges.

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Flow Official - Awareness (Da Mix Tape)Flow Official - Awareness (Da Mix Tape)Flow Official - Awareness (Da Mix Tape)Flow Official - Awareness (Da Mix Tape)